Vietnam is facing food safety enhancement policies. Currently various free trade agreements, such as the Europe-Viet Nam Free Trade Agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are being negotiated. For 2020 the export goal for agricultural products is set about 39-40 billion USD. To reach this goal, it is important that food safety issues will be addressed.

The legal framework exists and the Government takes measures to improve food safety. There are various ways to achieve the goal of safe food. Traceability and legal enforcement are two of such ways that can support the improvement of food safety.

Traceability is important in case of a food safety issue. Companies need to track down the origin of their ingredients, so in the worst-case scenario a product can be recalled. Also, consumers are concerned about food safety and would like to know the source of their purchased products.

Neovia’s analysis laboratories activity guarantees the quality traceability and safety of both raw materials and finished products, equipped with HPLC, HPLC’MS’MS, GC, GC’MS, AAS, ICP, ICP’MS, Kjeldahl and Dumas analysers, and NIRS, performs analysis of over 1,800,000 samples a year, and develops nearly 10 new analysis methods per year.


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