According to FAO the aquaculture sector in Vietnam began with small scale extensive culture systems in the late 1960s. Up to date this sector has evolved into diversifying and adapting its farming practices to the production of exportable species at increased levels of intensification.
Vietnam has a coastline over 3,200 kilometers with many large estuaries and coastal wetland favorable for the growth of various aquatic species. The country therefore poses a great potential for aquaculture development. Vietnam fisheries sector has made great strides since the implementation of the national aquaculture development strategy for 2020. It grew exponentially and restructured itself in a sustainable manner, shifting from the exploitation of natural resources, to cultivating them in the existing water surface with the available workforce for the sake of production expansion and resources protection.
The culture systems are diversified according to national, geographical and climatic conditions. The northern region is dominated by freshwater fish ponds and marine cage culture; the central regions concentrate on the intensive culture of fish and the marine cage culture. The southern part of the country has the most diversified farming activities.

Neovia provides the aquaculture industry with innovative solutions. Aquaculture represents a priority for the group, resulting in ambitious research and development projects held by our Nha Be facilities, not only to improve feed performances but also quality of water and animal health.
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