With more than 20 years of presence in the complete feed market in Vietnam, we have the expertise to meet the needs of a population where the demand for animal proteins and food safety is increasing.

Feed quality and food safety are two priorities for Neovia, from the selection of raw materials to the compliance of strict standards in production process, traceability, and the inspection of finished goods.

At Neovia Vietnam we apply the ISO 9001:2008, GLOBAL G.A.P management system at our productions to ensure quality, labor safety, and environmental standards.

Our team of experts has developed products that meet the specific needs of local genetics & environment, enhancing productive performance. This allows the improvement of traditional farming and to satisfy the demands for specialized productions.

Our products are available nationwide through Guyomarc’h and COFNA networks, with more than 1000 distributors; allowing us to reach customers in a more efficient way through our 5 factories and 10 warehouses allocated throughout Vietnam territory.

Neovia Vietnam facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology, which allows us to guarantee the quality and safety of our products, along with high standards on our raw materials supported by a global purchasing center of the group.

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Through its rich composition (lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals) complete feed ensures all the nutritional needs necessary to the growth and healthy development of animals and the production of milk, meat and eggs. Indeed complete feed includes cereals (wheat, barley, corn) and by-products obtained from the transformation of agricultural raw materials such as citrus pulp, beets and rice flour. Proteins are provided by seeds and cakes of oleaginous plants (soy, rapeseed, sunflower) and protein crops (peas, field beans). The composition is rounded out by vitamins and dietary minerals.