BIOSIPEC - Innovative & Intensive Shrimp Farming


After learning the characteristics of white shrimp farming in Vietnam, weather conditions, as well as understanding and recognizing the risks, Mr. Thomas Raynaud – Marketing Technical Aquaculture Director of Neovia Vietnam has successfully researched a new advanced technology with results that exceeds expectations. BIOSIPEC project helps to reduce farming risks and environmental impact, which maximizes profitability for shrimp farmers.

BIOSIPEC applies innovative technologies:

  • Mobile water treatment to improve biosecurity and prevent disease outbreaks
  • Special aeration system to reduce energy cost and optimizing air production.
  • A sound feeding system to decrease the Feeding Conversion Rate.

BIOSIPEC can produce 5 cycles per year with a yield of 30 tons/ha/cycle


  • OCIALIS: Complete feed
  • BERNAQUA: Larval feed and Nursery feed
  • ACUI-T: Water Treatment
  • UPSCIENCE: Disease, Water analysis
  • INMYFARM: Farm Management software
  • WISIUM: Premix
  • PANCOSMA: Feed additives