The livestock sector in Vietnam is gradually developing more modern and professional with more and more medium and large scale farms. In the process of development, the adaptation of modern breeding methods is critical and determines the success of the farm.
EVIALIS – an international feed brand of NEOVIA Group (France), the world’s leading corporation with more than 60 years of experience in animal nutrition and health, present in 28 countries with more than 8,300 employees worldwide.
Evialis’ mission is to support livestock farmers (medium and large farms) with comprehensive approach (genetics, feed, service), advanced breeding techniques and operating systems compatible with the size and specific conditions at each camp.
As a result, Evialis helps farms to optimize economic efficiency, ensure sustainable growth and sustainability.
At the plant, Evialis manufacture reaches international standard ISO 9001, complies with hygiene and safety requirements with strickly control of whole processes and guarantee raw materials.
The modern operating system and rigorous shipment process of Evialis help to determine the exact weight and classification of each kind of feed according to each order.
In addition, the Evialis bulk truck is made with multiple separate compartments to meet the diverse feed requirements of each farm.
By a transparent delivery process, the farmer can check the sealing and feed weight easily and accurately.
Bulk truck & Silo Service help the breeder improve management and operational efficiency, particularly by improving the economic efficiency by:
– Reduce Packaging cost
– Reduce Labor cost
– Reduce Cost of transportation, storage
– Better preservation of the feed: no humidity and no contact with rodents
– Animals access to quality and fresh nutrients, achieving optimal productivity in each crop.
By simplifying and maximizing the efficiency of the operation, the farmer has more time to care for the animals, stabilizing the output quality to achieve higher profits.
Besides, the breeder is also assisted by Evialis Customer Service in resolving issues arising in receiving orders, arranging flexible delivery schedules as well as general customers’ information management.
At each farm, Evialis commercial & technical team frequently visit to check silo operations, consult animal nutrition and breeding facilities to maximize farm efficiency and productivity.
Vietnamese farmers are becoming more affluent and prosperous when companion with Evialis.
With comprehensive support and on going development, Evialis commits to bringing the highest value to the Vietnamese livestock industry:
– Comprehensive approach
– Technical and economic results
– Ensure their growth
– Sustainability
Evialis Together for the Future