Qalian is the animal health and hygiene offer of Neovia. Qalian in Vietnam proposes a broad range of products for veterinary use along with hygiene and dietary solutions.

The company is also involved in product design through to production and sale in other continents such as Asia.

Qalian offers therapeutic and preventive solutions within 3 complementary ranges:

  • Breeding hygiene
  • Dietetic supplements
  • Veterinary medicines

Qalian ranges are supplied in more than 40 countries by subsidiaries or local wholesalers.

Breeding hygiene

Breeding hygiene is fundamental in order to place animals within the best sanitary environment:

  • Detergents and building disinfectants and breeding materials
  • Hygiene products for water drink
  • Insecticides for structures
  • Cutaneous hygiene products

Dietetic supplements

Breeding dietetic supplements enable to fully fulfill the animal potential by supporting them to maintain their metabolic balance in exigent production times.

Veterinary medicines

Useful for curing animals in case of diseases.

Our ambition: innovation in Animal Health

Finding innovative solutions related to breeding issues. Therefore Acti’z range was born.

Effervescent tablets Acti’z are:

  • Add – for each Acti’z tablets to dissolve in water
  • More stables than aqueous solutions or equivalent products
  • Less costly to transport and convenient to stock (tablet of 85g instead of 1L solution)
  • Acti’z range is composed of four formulas, each one adapted to specific needs:
    • Acti’z Anti Ox: antioxidant for monitoring stress situations
    • Acti’z Hydra: perfect balance of electrolytes
    • Acti’z Oligo: mix of trace elements able to be absorbed and incorporated
    • Acti’z Vitamins B: blend of all essential vitamins B