Digital workshop & kick off key projects in Vietnam

Neovia Vietnam 31 Jul 2018

On July 24th 2018, the Marketing and Communications Department held a seminar on Digital and kick off key projects in Vietnam. The seminar attracted more than 40 participants, including Board of Directors, Marketing; Commercial and Technical Dept.,

At the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Quang Nhat, Founder and CEO of Shojiki, provided a comprehensive overview of Vietnam digital landscape and some successful digital campaigns through “We are social” research about market, users behavior, usage trends on mobile devices, social networks, e-commerce, etc.

Also at the seminar, Ms. Lai Thuy Chi – ChiCom founder has shared her knowledge about Media Consumption research and how we can adapt it in new product launching plan.

The workshop is also the occasion to officially roll out the internal social network – Talkspirit. This platform is considered as an effective tool for increasing collaboration and daily interactions between various communities / teams / employees globally; sharing of best practices to develop the business and simplifying our way to communicate globally. English is the preferred language for communication in the Talkspirit community. Talkspirit is now accessible on computer, tablet and mobile devices.

In addition to the information about Digital & Media research, attendants are also introduced key projects that Neovia Vietnam is implementing such as: Expert on Animal Nutrition application; Online ordering app and Local farm nutrition app. Since then, people have come up with ideas and useful contributions to optimize the projects.

With this program, Neovia Vietnam wants to convey the basic knowledge of digital to employees in order to provide the right strategic plan in the future as well as the best way to approach to customers






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