GANADOR – a pet food brand sponsored Greyhound racing “Ganador Cup” in Vung Tau

Neovia Vietnam 7 May 2018

On 25th – 28th Apr 2018 Ganador a pet food brand of Neovia Vietnam in conjunction with Sport Entertainment Services (SES) Joint Stock Company organized the Ganador Cup at Lam Son Stadium – Vung Tau City. The tournament attracted 12,000 viewers to watch and cheer.

Before participating in such competition, dogs usually have special care and their own diet schedule to get the best performance. In order to be in the Ganador Cup final row, the dogs have to go through five qualifying matches and only eight best greyhounds will attend the last match.

Normally, S.E.S organizes greyhound racing every Friday, Saturday from 19h00 – 22h00 to serve for tourists as well as people who are interested in this activity.

The Ganador Cup, in addition to celebrating holidays, is also a chance to promote tourism, introduce products, honor dogs that are well trained and recognize the contribution of professional dog trainers. The race is an interesting playground for dog owners, dog trainers.

Representatives of Neovia Vietnam attended the final row and awarding ceremony were Mr. Romain Cabrol – Financial Manager and Mr. Luong Hoang Hai – Commercial Manager of pet food.

Mr. Romain Cabrol said: “I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers for giving Ganador the chance to be part of the race as well as to accompany with the champions. With a team of nutrition experts from France, we are committed to creating world-class products that perfectly meet the basic, essential and advanced needs of dogs. Once again, Ganador is proud to be with the champions and become the first choice of dog owners and lovers”.

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