Neovia Vietnam Officially Opened 11th Platform

Neovia Vietnam 29 Sep 2017

On 27th Sep, 2017, Neovia Vietnam officially opened its 11th platform in Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province.  With dimension of 1,000 m2, Phu Tho platform has the capacity of 3,500 tons per month for both livestock and poultry feed of Guyomarc’h and Cofna. This platform will better support the transportation of feed to dealers or distributors in Phu Tho, Vinh Phuc and one part of Hanoi. It is also the first warehouse in the North to apply automatic conveyor system to enhance the best performance of warehouse management.

With the presence of platform in Phu Tho, Neovia Vietnam reaffirms its commitment to a sustainable development of the husbandry industry in the country which is growing rapidly and contributes more than 20% of gross domestic product.  Currently, the company is completing the supply chain on a national scale, so that products can reach the farmers in the earliest time with the most stable quality. Besides, Viet Tri is one of the most dynamic and strategic port in the North, and our presence here is to strengthen the company portfolio in feed solutions.

Some information about Phu Tho Platform:

  • Add: Viet Tri port, Hong Ha 2, Ben Got Ward, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho province
  • Dimension: 1,000 m2
  • Capacity: 3,500 tons/ month
  • Delivery area: Phu Tho, Vinh Phuc and one part of Hanoi
  • Product: Guyomarc’h & Cofna
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