NEOVIA has three Research and Development (R&D) Centers and a pet nutrition R&D department in Vietnam. These centers allow NEOVIA to develop and to test different innovative solutions for animal husbandry and aquaculture in Vietnam and Asia region. The vision of NEOVIA is to develop international outstanding R&D centers with the following key missions: (1) Developing and testing different nutrition and health solutions for sustainable animal husbandry and aquaculture in Vietnam and other Asian countries, (2) Collaborating with local and international universities and institutes in education, research and transferring of new farming techniques and solutions, and (3) Providing high quality R&D services to partners and clients.

NEOVIA R&D in Vietnam has 64 employees including PhDs, masters, engineers, and technicians with good knowledge in animal nutrition and health as well as breeding techniques. These experts perform more than 50 experiments each year.

Dong Anh Poultry R&D Center

Dong Anh Poultry R&D Center was established in Dong Anh District, Hanoi in 2009. It consists of different terrariums with common designs for chicken and duck broilers, hen layers, duck layers and quail layers in Vietnam which allows to test the responses of the animals to different feeds and nutritional products in local conditions. New feed formulation and nutritional program, and various innovative solutions to increase disease resistance, improve growth, and egg productivity of the animals are developed and tested prior to mass application in Vietnam and other Asian countries. In addition, the center also hosts different technical trainings for employees and clients. 

Nha Be Aquaculture R&D Center

Nha Be Aquaculture R&D Center was established in 2007 in Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City, where NEOVIA conducts various research on nutrition and sustainable farming solutions for common cultured species including monodon and vannamei shrimps, barramundi, grouper, tilapia, pangasius catfish, snakehead fish, and frogs.

Key projects being implemented in Vietnam include optimizing nutritional quality of feed formulations and developing intensive and super-intensive farming systems for vannamei. The goal of NEOVIA Innovation and Development program is to develop and provide a holistic service package to sustain aquaculture industry and to ensure the highest profitability for its clients.

Trang Bom Swine R&D Center

Swine R&D Center was established in 2009, at Hamlet 8, Song Trau Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province. The facility and animals are professionally managed by qualified technicians to ensure quality and reliability of different research programs from sow to fattening pigs. Key research areas include: Developing different nutrition and health solutions for swine, and Testing and applying various sustainable husbandry solutions to substitute growth promoter antibiotics and ensuring food quality and safety. In addition, the center also cooperates with local and international universities and institutes in education, research collaboration and transferring of new techniques to its clients.

Pet Nutrition R&D Department

Pet Nutrition R&D Department was established in 2015. Its objectives are to develop and apply superior nutrition solutions for pets according to international quality standards, and to develop new products to meet the increasing demand of consumers not only in Vietnam but for the region. The main activities of the department include: (1) Collaborating with the global research centers of the Group in France, Brazil and Mexico, networking and cooperating with research institutes and universities, pet centers, and pet training centers in the country and the region to develop leading and holistic health and nutrition solutions for pets, (2) Conducting research and trials on new petfood products, evaluating new flavors and palatants to improve quality of petfoods from ECO to SUPER-PREMIUM products, and (3) Providing trainings and technical supports for the commercial department and other related departments to deliver the best nutrition solutions to the clients.

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We have good networking with key universities and research institutes in Vietnam and other Asian countries such as Nong Lam University, Ha Noi University, Nha Trang University, Can Tho University, International University, Kasesart University, Centex Shrimp, Research Institutes for Aquaculture 1, 2 and 3.