Asia Technical and Project manager

Job Description

MISSION: Define and implement the industrial and logistical strategy of its perimeter 
Help to define and implement an industrial policy in accordance with the Group’s strategy – Follow VN skyline (operations road map – horizon 2020-25)

  • Follow investments (technical aspects, safety, budget…)
  • Establish a strong training planning, for production mainly (medium-term management)
  • Implement all measures to ensure conformity of manufactured products (Quality Policy)
  • Ensure the optimization of the means of production and disseminate good practices (pinto-training)
  • Contribute to reporting (with relevant KPI’s such as OEE, OMIs, general monthly DOP reporting)
  • Follow-up of action plans (energy monitoring, cost per ton, etc…)
  • Assist when technical issues (production: quality, technical problems, etc…)
  • Liaise with future CoE’s (Center of Excellence)
  • Ensure any kind of auditing (suppliers, acquisition, land prospection, etc…)
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations (internal and external)

MISSION: Assist, develop and monitor the production activities, multi-scope (complete feed, aqua, premix) 

  • Contribute to safe environment & animate regular safety topics improvements
  • Contribute to the definition and implementation of a Health, Safety and Environment policy
  • Support the implementation of product quality
  • Animate a good sharing of skills and information (WhatsApp, industrial networking, good technical practices…)
  • Support on finding solutions based on tracking of customer new requirements and resolving potential difficulties/claims (new norms on Quality, new RM, new formulas…)
  • Assist in the monitoring of audits (carried out by clients, prospects and external entities such as HACCP, ISO, BAP, global GAP…)
  • Follow budget lines and propose ideas of enhancement (wearing of spare parts),
  • Participate to budget preparation (both OPEX and CAPEX) integrating the technical aspects, constraints, …
  • Strong focus on maintenance and spare parts management. Find and implement synergies between production sites and among the whole region.

MISSION: Management

  • Assist in the definition of the key roles and missions of each colleagues in a logic of team performance and cohesion (plant manager, production manager, QC coordinator, maintenance supervisor…)
  • Develop the collaborators and team’s skills (recruitment, training, internal promotion, appointments, etc…)

Operations Director Animal Nutrition Asia


Engineer degree Agro / Agri, + Minimum 7 years’ experience in production management or equivalent experience

Capability of delegating
Industrial Strategical Vision
Financially driven: contribution to operating profit

Regulatory and legal framework
Operating Profit oriented
Budget management
Project management

Continuous improvement and industrial performance
QHSE Standards
Negotiation skills
Management Control Techniques
Geographical mobility across the region