Minino Yum – a new global brand for cat food officially replaces for BLISK

31 May 2018

On 30th May 2018, at New World Hotel (Ho Chi Minh City), Neovia Vietnam announced the official launch of Minino Yum and its replacement for Blisk in Vietnam from June 2018. Attending the event was nearly 100 customers including Distributors, Retailers and owners of pet food Shop in the South.

Minino Yum – benefit from a prestige global brand

Minino brand was first introduced in Mexico. After more than 10 years in the market and two years in Asia, Minino has gradually win customers hearts thanks to its superior quality. With a strong history and groundbreaking success in all countries having its presence, Minino has officially become a global brand for cat food of Neovia. Minino brand offers a complete range to satisfy all customer segmentations (Economic to Premium). And Minino Yum is defined as the standard product line that meets the largest market segment.Therefore this product will totally replace Blisk in Vietnam market with the formula and product quality unchanged.


Minino Yum – a very palatable and digestive product that fit for all stages of cat development

Minino Yum benefits from international standard technology of Neovia – one of the leading French corporations with more than 60 years of experience in the pet food, livestock and aquaculture.

Created by a team of nutrition experts from France, Minino Yum products follow the international standards of the European pet food industry and the United States Food Control Agency. Minino Yum is rated as a perfect product with high nutritional value; natural ingredients such as rice and real seafood; the size and shape of the kibbles were also studied to best suit the cat’s characteristics.

Minino Yum contains many nutrients such as protein, fiber, fat and minerals which are well suited for each stage of development of cat. With the yummy seafood taste, Minino Yum stimulates the maximum palatability. Especially, Minino Yum is also added Taurine, Omega 3 & 6, Calcium, Vitamin D and Yucca which prove to be good for a healthy eyesight, skin & coat, robust bone system, protect digestive system, increase immunity for a healthy body shape. In addition, the kibbles are colorless, completely free of artificial colors to help protect the health of cats. Minino Yum are available in package of 350 gr and 1.5 kg in accordance with the financial ability and demand of customers.


 Vietnam – a strategic pet food market of Neovia in Asia

In the past few years, the habit of feeding pets has changed. They are considered as family members. People often give special care and attention to pet health, hence the cat and dog food industry has made great progress. Currently, Vietnam is considered as a potential market for the pet industry with a remarkable growth rate.

After this official launching, a 360 marketing activities will be rolled out nationwide through mass media, pet food community, product trial, promotion gifts for end-users.

Mr. Christophe Guillaume – General Manager of Neovia Vietnam shares “Globally the pet food market is estimated at $80 billion and has been growing steadily for several years, particularly thanks to the rapidly growing demand in the major emerging countries such as Vietnam. This is why Neovia is making strong investments in the pet food industry that is in line with Neovia ambition to develop in Asia. In Vietnam, we have achieved a certain success after 3 years of presence. The cat food products of the company have a nationwide coverage, which is trusted by millions of Vietnamese. To achieve today’s results, we always invest on human resources from sales force, marketing to research and development, to constantly evaluate and adjust products to maximize benefits for your pet. We hope Minino Yum will continue to be warmly welcome and once again win your heart. ”

About Neovia Vietnam:

Present in Vietnam since 1995, inaugurated its first factory in Hanoi in 1997, Guyomarc’h VCN, Neovia Vietnam has grown steadily in recent years. The company currently has 05 factories, 03 research centers (fish, poultry, swine), an independent laboratory. Neovia Vietnam has evolved in line with the market trends offering specific solutions through its 06 activities in the country: complete feed; aquaculture; analyses laboratories; animal health; premix and pet care.

Neovia Vietnam products are distributed throughout the country and exported to Asia. Therefore, in order to ensure that the goods reach the right customers at the right time and at reasonable cost, Neovia Vietnam develops a professional supply chain with a wide network. With 11 Logistic Platforms stretching across the country, the company is committed to the highest quality service, serving the best customers.

In addition, in 2015 Neovia Vietnam has opened a representative office in Cambodia to penetrate and develop production in this market.


About Neovia:

The company has a turnover of 1.7 billion Euros achieved in seven business lines: complete feed, aquaculture, pet care, premix/ firm services, additives & ingredients, animal health, and analysis laboratories. It has 75 production sites and 8,300 employees in 28 countries.


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