Neovia Viet Nam organized activities to celebrate Vietnam Women’s Day 20-10

Neovia Vietnam 15 Nov 2018

On October 20th, 2018, Neovia Vietnam held a cooking contest for male staff to celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day 20-10 with the theme “Family Meal” at Binh Duong Factory.

There were 9 teams participating in the contest, including: Maintenance Team, Dong An Factory, Binh Duong 1 Factory, Binh Duong 2 Factory, Livestock & Fish Commercial team, Aqua R&D Center, Pet food Commercial, Finished product storage team and Upscience Labs.

From 9:00 am, in the front yard of the Factory where the cooking contest took place, the atmosphere was very bustling and exciting. “The chefs” brought their cookware and all kinds of foodstuffs to the designated place. Everyone was excited and ready to start the contest at 9:30 am.

After only 60 minutes, 9 teams successfully completed their meals. The teams quickly displayed their family meals, including 3 dishes which not only ensured hygiene, food safety, and nutritious but also were decorated attractively and deliciously. Especially all the chefs are male but their talent is as good as female.

At the end of the contest, the Organization Board awarded the first prize to Dong An Factory, second prize to Upscience Labs, and third prize to Aqua R&D Center. Maintenance Team, Binh Duong 1 Factory, Binh Duong 2 Factory, Livestock & Fish Commercial team, Pet food Commercial and finished product storage team were awarded the Consolation Prize.

After finishing the cooking contest, in order to make the program more exciting, all the employees eagerly participated in games such as detaching rice brans, beating clay pigs with many attractive prizes.

Neovia Vietnam hopes this will be a healthy and practical playground for its employees, tightening solidarity, creating a cheerful and vibrant atmosphere among its departments.

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