Neovia Vietnam co-operated with Dai Nam resort to organize “Royal Horse Racing”

Neovia Vietnam 10 Jul 2018

On June 30 , Royal Horse – horse food brand of Neovia Vietnam organized the first horse racing in the Dai Nam resort of Binh Duong province,

Dai Nam resort is regarded as one of the largest horse training and racing school with internationally large and professional scale. The horse racing is held once a month.

The race gathered 20 horses from the Dai Nam resort and other provinces such as Long An, Tay Ninh, Ho Chi Minh … to compete.

The race is divided into two rounds, each with 10 horses participating. The horses must cross the race-track at a distance of 1100m. The final result the winners belongs to two horses Piety by athlete Nguyen Duy Khang and the other horse Hoang Phi Phung with the control of athlete Nguyen Van Phuong.

This is one of the useful activities to promote and bring the image of Royal Horse Food to customers, horse breeder and horse trainer.

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