Neovia Vietnam held a firefighting and Rescue rehearse at the Binh Duong branch

Neovia Vietnam 10 Jul 2018

On June 30, Neovia Vietnam cooperated with Binh Duong Fire Police to conduct annual rescue rehearse for office staff, Binh Duong factory and Upscience lab.

At the Training, besides providing information on some major fires causing serious damage to people and property occurring nationwide and in Binh Duong in recent years, Lecturers also communicated the basic knowledge about fire prevention and fighting, causes of fire and explosion, some fire prevention and fighting measures and how to handle situations when there is fire at the office and family, how to distinguish the type of fire extinguisher, manual fire extinguisher on site, rescue skills in emergency situations.

After the dissemination of theory, under the guidance of the fire police, the staff were instructed and practiced to spray, collect fire hydrants and use fire extinguishers (CO2 and AB Powder) to control the fire as well as practice the fire assumptions that occurring at the factory. Firefighters in the Company carried out the alarm and called to 114 for fire alarm. Every carried out escaping, evacuates property from the fire area, performed firefighting on site before fire engines arrive.

This is the annual activity of Neovia Vietnam, which helps the staff improve their knowledge and sense of responsibility for fire prevention and fighting activities, thereby actively taking part in fire prevention and fighting activities, to be ready to respond to all fire and explosion situations.

Some pictures of training.

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