Neovia Vietnam 29 May 2017

On May 26th, official signature of shareholders agreement between Neovia Vietnam and Le Boucher company took place. According to this agreement, “Le Porc du Mekong” will put into practice soon and start to provide safety pork via retail system nationwide.

Neovia Vietnam continue the road map strategy. This project confirms the will of Neovia Vietnam to be an actor for the up and down stream pig production.


This project create a link between breeding households in the Mekong Delta, Neovia Vietnam – a livestock feeding production company and Le Boucher – a processing and distribution company. This cooperation will make a closed production process called 3F (Feed – Farm – Food)

General Manager of Neovia Vietnam, Christophe Guillaume, said “Vietnam has 10 million small scale livestock providing half of the country’s meat consumption but still does not meet the demand, that’s why the imported meat is at high rate. Pork consumption is currently 33.5 kg per person, but by 2020 it is expected to be 39 kg. Therefore, the market has great potential to exploit. Therefore, the “Le Porc du Mekong” project will not only help farmers find their way out for their livestock products, but will also bring these safety products to Vietnamese consumers.

The project is expected to reach its full capacity by 2022, with the potential to supply 360,000 pigs a year.

“Le Porc du Mekong” will not target high-end customers who initially focus on serving the mass market in Vietnam.

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