Neovia Vietnam participated The Application of technology in brackish water aquaculture forum to adapt to climate change and lower producttion prices in Soc Trang

Neovia Vietnam 4 Jul 2019

In order to disseminate models to apply scientific and technological advances in production and consumption of brackish shrimp, on May 24th 2019 Directorate of Fisheries – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in coordination with Vietnam Fisheries Association together with Department of Agriculture and Development Rural Soc Trang province organizes a Science and Technology Forum “Application of solutions to reduce brackish shrimp production costs”.

The forum attracted the participation of a large number of officials and employees working in the fisheries, ingredient suppliers, aquafeed producers, scientists, cooperative groups, shrimp farming over 30 provinces.

At forum, Neovia Vietnam representative Mr. Pham Minh Anh – Director of Research and Development Center presented about “Application of ecological models in sustainable shrimp farming”.

This application provides farmers a way to apply natural ecosystems to shrimp farming through the Eco-Ras model, a model that does not use antibiotics, disinfectants applied to the two stages of nursery and mature with high density. The results of this model help the survival rate of nurseries reach 87.9%, the average weight of postlarvae reaches 443 mg / PL.

The application of ecological models to farming not only helps shrimp farmers with low risks, reduce environmental impacts but also increases the productivity of farming, thereby maximizing profits.

This is an opportunity for Neovia to meet and exchange directly with business organizations in the industry. Neovia hopes its scientific and technological contributions to help famers apply to production practices; contributing to improving productivity and product quality, bringing economic efficiency to shrimp farm as well as contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s brackish shrimp industry in the coming time.

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