Neovia Vietnam provides comprehensive aquaculture solutions with the “Three Standards” model and an online consulting channel for farmers launched for the first time in Vietnam

Neovia Vietnam 28 Mar 2019


Ho Chi Minh City, March 27th 2019: Neovia Vietnam, a subsidiary of one of the world leaders in animal nutrition, is proud to present its customers in Vietnam a comprehensive aquaculture solution with “Three Standards” model, humanized by a character named “Mr. Three Standards” who is knowledgable and friendly with local farmers. In addition, for the first time, the company will launch an online consulting channel on Zalo platform under “Mr. Three Standards” nickname to assist farmers with aquaculture technical issues as well as update them with latest industry activities.

Thanks to favorable natural conditions with a widespread river system and a long coastline from North to South, aquaculture is identified as the key economic sector in Vietnam. According to statistics, in 2018, Vietnam’s export of aquaculture products reaches 9 billion USD, increasing by 8.4% y-o-y. However, local farmers are now still facing the challenges of how to control the environmental factors as well as the animal health and the efficiency of aquaculture business. Meanwhile, most of the aquaculture activities still rely mostly on traditional experiences and are often disturbed by unofficial sources of information.

Aiming to offer a comprehensive aquaculture solution to farmers in Vietnam, Neovia Vietnam has researched and launched the “Three Standards” model including Standard Feed, Standard Water and Standard Model, which could help its customers achieve better performance and also maximize profits in each crop.


Mr. Thomas Raynaud – Aquaculture Business Director of Neovia Vietnam said: “Being a solution provider of animal nutrition in Vietnam for over 15 years, Neovia Vietnam always cares and understands the needs and problems faced by local farmers. Therefore, we are confident to introduce “Three Standards” model as an optimal solution for Vietnamese farmers, but still respect the environment, biosecurity as well as sustainable development of aquaculture industry in Vietnam. Along with the “Three standards” model, we will provide useful information, timely technical assistance, efficient farming solution to our customers via our newly established channel on Zalo platform”.

The “Three Standards” model provides a comprehensive solution for farmers to manage their farming processes, reduce risks and achieve the highest productivity. The “Three Standards” model includes:

  • Standard Feed: In aquaculture, feed cost can account for up to 70% of the total cost of a crop. Feed is the basic source for the metabolism of aquatic animals. Therefore, feed plays an important role which determines the productivity, output and efficiency of the crop. For aquafarmers, a standard feed must fullfil criteria such as: optimizing breeding results, satisfying technical requirements, maintaining and stabilizing water quality, low feed conversion rate (FCR), nutrition ingredients fit to different species and development stages, and consistent feed quality. Neovia Vietnam offers farmers a wide range of feed choices such as: Bernaqua (high-quality imported feed from Belgium for shrimp and fish larvae), Ocialis (aqua feeds certificated by the highest international quality standards as ISO, Global G.A.P, B.A.P – certification of Best Aquaculture Practices and the title of Aquaculture Gold Quality issued by Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – MARD). Currently, Ocialis is produced at two state-of-the-art factories in Binh Duong, on a closed production chain and a cutting-edge standardized manufacturing line. The raw materials are sourced from clean and prestigious origins, not include antibiotics or ingredients banned by MARD, as well as 100% microbiologically tested at the Upscience laboratory – the ISO 17025 certified laboratory (the international standards for laboratory capacity) to ensure that they are not contaminated with pathogens before being put into production. Most importantly, all Ocialis Aqua feed lines are traceable, which helps the company look up easily and provide information to customers quickly and conveniently. Ocialis provides a full range of high-quality and specialized feed lines for various species including pangasius catfish, tilapia, red tilapia, snakehead, frog, barramundi, pompano, grouper, cobia, sturgeon, vannamei, monodon, fish & shrimp larvae …


  • Standard Water: Water is the habitat of aqua species. Besides, as endotherms, they tend to be affected directly by their living water environments. Standard Water means well-managed quality of water, proper water supply and drainage system, wastewater treatment process ensures good environmental sanitation and regularly tested water source… Acui-T is a brand of Neovia – a world-class expert in water treatment and integrated technology solutions for aquaculture that saves energy during production and water treatment.


  • Standard Model: Currently, there are many different models applied in aquaculture, from simple to complex, from small to big investment, from extensive to intensive or even super intensive farming… Standard Model means a safe and sustainable farming model which brings high efficiency in productivity as well as product quality. The model could save costs as well as feeding time, minimize disease, exclude banned chemicals and antibiotics during the farming period. Moreover, it is convenient and easy for farmers to manage and maintain the model. Accordingly, Neovia Vietnam has successfully researched the BIOSIPEC model – the innovative and intensive shrimp farming project using innovative technologies such as: two-phase nursery system in greenhouse to improve survival rate (80-85%) and shrimp health, water treatment system (with Acui-T’s technology) help enhance biosecurity and disease prevention, special aeration systems to reduce energy costs, optimize oxygen supply….in combination with special formula feeds (Bernaqua and Ocialis) which optimize the performance for each development stage of shrimp. With Biosipec, Neovia Vietnam will offer a different, sustainable and successful shrimp farming technique resulting in 5 cycles/year and 30 tons/ha/cycles.

Besides, as local farmers usually lack credible information and technical advices, Neovia Vietnam will introduce for the first time an online consulting channel on Zalo platform, under the nickname of “Mr. Three Standards” – an expert in the field of aquaculture. Any question from customers will be quickly and accurately answered and reliably by a team of experienced technical experts. Besides, customers can be updated about the latest news and market prices of common aqua species. With these utilities, aquafarmers will be able to learn more up-to-date knowledge to apply to their daily farming activities and to optimize performance and profitability in each crop.

To learn more about the “Three Standards” model and be advised about any issues related to aquaculture business, please access to (Link Zalo OA).

About Neovia Vietnam:

Neovia Vietnam is a subsidiary of Neovia, which recently becomes a part of ADM Animal Nutrition. Present in Vietnam since 1995, inaugurated its first factory in Hanoi in 1997, Guyomarc’h VCN, Neovia Vietnam has grown steadily in recent years. The company currently has 05 factories, 03 research centers (fish, poultry, swine), an independent laboratory. Neovia Vietnam has evolved in line with the market trends offering specific solutions through its 05 activities in the country: complete feed; aquaculture; analysis laboratories; premix and pet care.

Neovia Vietnam products are distributed throughout the country and exported to Asia. Therefore, in order to ensure that the goods reach the right customers at the right time and at reasonable cost, Neovia Vietnam develops a professional supply chain with a wide network. With 11 Logistic Platforms stretching across the country, the company is committed to the highest quality service, serving the best for customers.

In addition, in 2015 Neovia Vietnam has opened a representative office in Cambodia to penetrate and develop production in this market.


About ADM Animal Nutrition:

ADM Animal Nutrition is a leading brand in manufacturing, nutrition and marketing business. ADM offering a wide range of leading-edge products for the animal nutrition market includes high-quality feed products, supplements, premixes, custom ingredient blends, and specialty feed ingredients to aid in optimizing animal health and nutrition goals.


About ADM:

For more than a century, the people of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) have transformed crops into products that serve the vital needs of a growing world. Today, we’re one of the world’s largest agricultural processors and food ingredient providers, with approximately 31,000 employees serving customers in more than 170 countries. With a global value chain that includes approximately 500 crop procurement locations, 270 food and feed ingredient manufacturing facilities, 44 innovation centers and the world’s premier crop transportation network, we connect the harvest to the home, making products for food, animal feed, industrial and energy uses. Learn more at



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