Ocialis – Aquaculture feed of Neovia Vietnam received certificate “Vietnam Aquaculture Gold Quality 2017” from MARD

Neovia Vietnam 28 Dec 2017

Evening 21st Dec 2017, under direction of Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (MARD), Vietnam Fisheries Association and Vietnam Fisheries Magazine organized Award Ceremony ““Vietnam Aquaculture Gold Quality the 4th time –  2017” at Daewoo Hotel in Hanoi capital. This is a noble and prestigious award in the industry in order to honor individuals and enterprises with excellent achievements, contributing to the development of the country’s aquaculture industry in this year. Accordingly, Ocialis of Neovia Vietnam was honored to be ranked in the Top 13 Enterprises and received the certificate of merit from MARD based on four criteria: Economic efficiency; Social efficiency; science and technology application in production; Resource protection and ecological environment.

According to the General Statistics Office, aquaculture have always played an important role in the development of agriculture in particular and the national economy in general, as well as has been oriented to be the “lead” in agriculture sector. The value of export turnover is estimated more than 8 billion US dollar in 2017, increased by 18.3% comparing to the same period last year. Moreover, each year, aquaculture sector attracts a large number of laborers involved in all fields such as aquaculture, fishing, processing and logistic services. This year, the award attracts the participation of more than 500 files of enterprises, research centers and farming households throughout the country. As a result, 81 individuals and enterprises were honored.

Affirmed after 15 years of presence in Vietnam, Ocialis currently has 02 factories specializing in producing fish and shrimp feed; 01 R&D center in Nha Be specializes in nutritional research in aquaculture feed and one lab analyzes the feed quality. Currently Ocialis is gradually expanding the market, conquering the most difficult customers with stable feed quality and bring high economic efficiency to the farmers. To achieve this result, besides apply French technology and know-how into our product formulas, we also use good, safe ingredients in our production, respecting all the highest standards, and absolutely do not use antibiotics in aqua feed; ensuring food hygiene and safety and bio-safety factors; as well as high technical team to guide farmers throughout the country.

Mr. Thomas Raynaud, Aqua Technical & Marketing Manager of Ocialis Vietnam shared “This year is a fruitful year for the company in aqua sector as we continuously receive certificates such as: Certificate of “Best Aquaculture Practices” BAP, the official launching of the super-intensive shrimp farming project – Biosipec, and to mark the end of year 2017 with the award of “Vietnam Aquaculture Gold Quality – 2017”. The award is not only an accreditation for our aqua feed quality but also an encouragement for our efforts for a sustainable aquaculture in Vietnam. I would like to take this opportunity to announce officially the latest news, NEOVIA based in France has officially acquired Epicore, a North American company specialized in manufacture of larval feed and probiotics on the global aquaculture market and, more specifically, shrimp. And Mr Hubert de ROQUEFEUIL as our CEO NEOVIA’ s statement – This acquisition allow us to complement our portfolio of products and services and offer high-performance and sustainable solutions to farmers all over the world”

About Neovia Vietnam:

Present in Vietnam since 1995, inaugurated its first factory in Hanoi in 1997, Guyomarc’h VCN, Neovia Vietnam has grown steadily in recent years. The company currently has 05 factories, 03 research centers (fish, poultry, swine), an independent laboratory. Neovia Vietnam has evolved in line with the market trends offering specific solutions through its 06 activities in the country: complete feed; aquaculture; analyses laboratories; animal health; premix and pet care.

Neovia Vietnam products are distributed throughout the country and exported to Asia. Therefore, in order to ensure that the goods reach the right customers at the right time and at reasonable cost, Neovia Vietnam develops a professional supply chain with a wide network. With 10 Logistic Platforms stretching across the country, the company is committed to the highest quality service, serving the best customers.

In addition, in 2015 Neovia Vietnam has opened a representative office in Cambodia to penetrate and develop production in this market.

About Neovia:

Established in 1954, Neovia currently has 75 plants worldwide, over 8,300 employees, and annual sales of € 1.7 billion. It operates in seven business lines: complete feed, aquaculture, pet care, premix/ firm services, additives & ingredients, animal health, and analysis laboratories and invests in 28 countries, distributing products and services to more than 50 countries around the world.

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