Ocialis introduces specialized feed for frogs – Ranalis

Neovia Vietnam 23 Jul 2018

On July 19th, 2018, Ocialis held a seminar with nearly 300 invited farmers in Dong Thap province to officially introduce feed for frogs – Ranalis. This product is outstanding in quality and specialized for frogs.


Frog meat is a favorite dish which is not only delicious but also good for health because of its high nutritional value. For doing business, frogs are easy to feed and provide high profit to farmers. At present, on the market, specialized feeds for frogs are very limited, most farmers still have to use other alternative feed such as feed for pangasius or tilapia, etc. Therefore, there are still many disadvantages such as inadequate nutrition, poor digestibility, high environmental pollution, poor growth, high feed consumption and low survival rate. Ranalis is a specialized product for frogs, which can overcome all the above mentioned weaknesses, bringing high productivity to farmers.

With selected ingredients suitable for frog’s digestion, Ranalis has an attractive flavor, stimulates appetite, improves digestion and enhances frog growth. In addition, the balance of amino acid and energy help to optimize nutrient absorption and reduce feed consumption rate. Ranalis is also supplemented with essential nutrients that enhance the resistance, anti-stress, create natural immunity, and improve survival rate; the skin is smooth and shining, meat is firming and delicious, frogs develop with equal size.

Similar to all other Ocialis’s aqua feed, Ranalis is manufactured by using an extruded technology line that optimizes the nutritional value of the feed. The product has high durability in the water that limits the loss of nutrients and reduce the pollution of the water environment and the farming cost.

Ranalis has 10 product lines ranging from tadpoles to adult stage; the feed is pellet with various sizes and high protein content (30% – 40%) suitable for different stage of frog.

In particular, Ranalis is one of Ocialis’s aqua feed products receiving the “Best Aquaculture Practices” (BAP) certification – the most respected recognition in the aquaculture administered by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), a non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy, education and leadership in responsible aquaculture. With this certification, customers can be completely assured of the quality of feed from raw materials to the production, storage and preservation of finished products. Accordingly, all materials are of clear origin, absolutely not use prohibited materials in accordance with the local law. Moreover, we commit to use responsibly fish meal and fish oil sources to protect the sustainability of aquaculture.

Mr. Le Thanh Tung, Commercial Director of Ocialis says, “Vietnam ranks the 2nd in the world with an estimated production of 20,000 tons of frog meat supplied to the domestic market every year. Currently, frog farming is considered as a potential breeding model with high profit for farmers and mainly in the Mekong Delta in which the most vibrant region is Dong Thap. We are always care for the expectations of farmers and always try to provide them with the best products such as low conversion rate, good growth rate, limited environmental pollution, etc. Beside, we have technical team who always support and provide timely solutions to bring the highest efficiency for farmers. Mr Thomas Raynaud, Technical and Marketing Aquaculture Director adds: The launch of Ranalis, a specialized feed for frogs has been considered as a perfect complement to Ocialis’ aqua feed categories. Two years of Research and many field trials were necessary to obtain this special feed, nutritionally adapted to the specific metabolism of frog. Ambition of Neovia in Aquaculture is to follow the diversification of all the farmed aqua species (marine fish, frog…). We wish also expand our presence in Asia and have a big portfolio permits us this expansion. For example, in the future, we plan to export Ranalis to Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, … “

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