Petfood Commercial Team of Neovia Vietnam Receives Honored Award From Corporate Convention in France

Neovia Vietnam 3 Nov 2017

Last October 2017, Mr. Lương Hoàng Hải –Petfood Commercial Manager of Neovia Vietnam has the honor to receive the Award of “Rewards Commercial Initiatives 2017”.

The award recognizes excellent ideas, contributing to Neovia’s petfood business in Vietnam through two programs:

  • Promotion program to accelerate sales in POS: bonus pack, Ganador Helmet,…
  • Incentive for Distributors

Officially present in Vietnam in June 2015, after more than two years of market development and expansion, Neovia’s pet food brands now have a stable position – ranked 3rd player with 11% market share (according to Euromonitor in Vietnam).

“This is a reward for all Commercial team as a great encouragement and motivation for what we have done for over the last two years,” said Mr. Luong Hoang Hai, Petfood Commercial Manager. “It is also a pedestal for us to go further in conquering new customers in the future – a quite new and potential business in Vietnam”.

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