Neovia Vietnam 11 Jul 2017

3rd July 2017, InVivo Labs announces its new identity and become Upscience. This new brand embodies the international development momentum initiated by the network of analysis laboratories since 2014. It also positions the company as an expert in its field through an extensive, innovative, and individualised range of analysis.

A reliable, customer focus and innovative brand

French market leader in animal feed analysis, Upscience analysis laboratories have gradually extended their expertise to other fields.

Upscience now offers an extensive range of physical chemistry, microbiology, and molecular biology analyses for a series of stakeholders in various fields of activity: animal and human nutrition, agri-food industry, environment and nutraceuticals.

Upscience analysis laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and benefit from a strong R&D organisation to develop standardised or tailor-made solutions in order to meet the changing needs of their customers as well as new market challenges: food safety, increased traceability requirements, faster analysis (PCR or infrared technologies), development of customised analyses, and guaranteed reliability of results through homogeneous methodology and analysis standards implemented at world level.

The Upscience identity embodies the values of innovation, proximity and customer intimacy, which differentiate the company on the analysis laboratory market.

A global ambition for local and international companies

The Upscience organisation includes 300 experts, engineers, and technicians worldwide. This network enables Upscience to effectively support its local and international customers in their development through an extensive and innovative range of analysis.

Upscience has accelerated its international development since 2014 and now has analysis laboratories in France, Brazil, Vietnam, and more recently in Italy (2016). Acquisition projects are also being studied in several of the company’s key markets (including Latin America and Asia).

Upscience Vietnam

Founded in 2009, with nearly 50 technicians and experts, Upscience Vietnam is known as a leader in the field of animal feed testing, food testing and other extensive analysis. Every year, Upscience Vietnam is constantly expanding its customer list in Vietnam and the region with thousands of samples, specialized projects being implemented.

The strengths of Upscience Vietnam include: Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids analysis as well as providing services such as NIR Services, Laboratory Audit, Training services, Quality control Reference samples, Taylor-made solutions.

Another competitive advantage of Upscience Vietnam is that customers can access and receive online testing results in a short turnaround time with high accuracy. The customer service department with more than 10 experienced specialists will always be available to answer any queries from customers.

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