Neovia Vietnam 11 Feb 2019

At latest Asia PetCare Leader Meeting, Vietnamese PetFood Team was honored to receive the “Best Commercial Initiative” award in the framework of the We Sell Challenge competition held by the Neovia Global Group. The representative of the Vietnamese PetFood team with the idea of ​​”Visibility Challenge” followed the success of Asia PetFood Team in 2017 and achieved excellent results in this year’s competition.

This initiative was born with a deep sense that the first impression of the buyer on the product at the point of sale is extremely important. However, recognizing the fact of selling in Vietnam, stores and agents have not paid attention to arranging products so beautifully and attracting the attention of customers expressed through: The displace space is not optimized, the arrangement of the product is not appealing, the shelf is not clean, the product is not in the right position, … Therefore, it can be seen, the bad first impression of the customer is inevitable.


With the initiative “Revolutionary display”, Vietnamese PetFood team set standards for displaying products in the most effective way. Following, the trade department will go to the point of sale and propose to arrange product display according to this standard. With just a change in the display of products, this campaign has helped increase the effectiveness of displaying products over 500 points of sale. More significantly, sales in December 2018 and January 2019 also increased by 10% and 20%, respectively, against sales in November 2018.

It can be said that this idea of ​​Petfood Vietnam has helped to discover a very small but extremely important aspect that is the Product Display. More specifically, the cost of the campaign is negligible, but it is very effective. This award not only brings pride to PetFood Vietnam team but also the happiness of Neovia Group in Vietnam.


We Sell Challenge is an annual contest which encourages employees of the Neovia Group worldwide to take initiatives to improve or defeat problems in the operation of the company with two main categories:

  • Best commercial initiatives
  • Best Local Commercial Challenges
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