Working environment

  1. Our main focus is Health and Safety from the entrance to the exit point of all subsidiaries as Production plant, R&D farm, Lab, Office…
  2. We care about the Safety not only for our staffs but also for the clients, visitors, third parties… who have collaborated with us.
  3. The relevant Individual Protection Equipment will supply to all employees according to the working environment risk assessment.
  4. Behavior Safety Visit is occurred frequently to ensure that the employee practice the Safety principles and share with Company their ideas to improve the working environment.
  5. At Neovia Vietnam, second opportunity is always available for whom would like to learn from the error and to do it better.
  6. Willing to change yourself in the suitable way is key of success.

Career development: 

Given the diversity of its activities, functions and international locations, Neovia Vietnam allows employees to build a career path in line with their ambitions.

Neovia Vietnam’s talent development policy is based primarily on the following mechanisms:

  • An integration programme is organized for new recruit.
  • An annual interview is held with the line manager. The aim is to talk about building the employee’s career plans on the basis of abilities, interests, and career aspirations.
  • A career interview with Human Resources can also be requested by employees in order to discuss future steps in their career path and discover the opportunities available within the company.
  • Neovia also encourages mobility within its teams and its subsidiaries. A list of positions is available and accessible to employees.